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A Non-Profit / Non-Governmental Organization

E.O. Sharp Minds has been active in the field of European Programmes since 2004, as a Sending and Hosting Organization in Athens, Greece.

Our mission is to form a New Generation of people who will have the necessary Knowledge about Human Rights and their Values, and the Awareness of all contemporary, European and global issues.

Our educational tools are based on Non-Formal Education Methods.

Since 2020, E.O. Sharp Minds owns the Erasmus+/YOUTH Accreditation [Erasmus+/YOUTH code: 2020-1-EL02-KA150-YOU-006884].

To maximize our impact, we have established successful partnerships with NGOs, Public, Private and European institutions in more than 20 countries.

We Educate on crucial Social Issues and we focus on the wide participation of people who deal with Fewer Opportunities on social, economical and geographical level.
We Train and Consult people about promoting Environmental Conscience, Recycling, Zero-Waste mentality, and Protecting the Right of the Next Generations to a Sustainable and Healthy Environment

We advocate about Human Rights and Inequities for Social Minorities, Refugees, Immigrants, people of the LGBTQ+ community, while fighting against Stereotypes and Social Prejudices


E.O. Sharp Minds, having a wide network of partners in the Public and Private sector, as well as various large Companies and Businesses, in the heart of Athens, Greece, is the ideal Partner and Hosting Organization for Erasmus+ Projects.

We design, organize, coordinate and implement EU funded Erasmus+ Mobility Projects (School Mobility – VET Mobility – Staff Mobility – Job Shadowing Mobility etc.).

We support European sending Institutes, Schools and Vocational Training Centers by providing high quality services, Training and Education, Technical Visits, Professional Seminars, Internship Placements, Cultural Activities and Accommodation. All activities are tailor-made according to the educational and professional needs of the Sending Organizations and the expected goals of each Project.

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